What's brewing at Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Company? Beers like our award winning Howlin' Hefeweizen Ale and Golden Eagle Ale are some of the finely crafted ales you'll find on tap here in Santa Clarita, California. In addition to our fantastic beers, we're dedicated to producing great food and desserts that are all made with personal pride and hand-crafted excellence. We look forward to sharing a great dining experience with you soon!

Wolf Creek operates the only on-site functioning brewery in the Santa Clarita Valley. This provides the beer enthusiast, as well as the casual consumer, an opportunity to sample truly unique ales as well as specialty brews like our Wolfbier, a French-Belgian style saison. We offer a sampler, six four-ounce glasses, that gives the newcomer an occasion to test and enjoy our wide range of brewery offerings as well as allowing the old hands to keep abreast of long-time favorites and new recipes from Rob McFerren, our on-site Brew Master. Wolf Creek’s excellence in hand-crafted ales was recognized again this summer at the Los Angeles County Fair.

The competition officially known as the Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition, registered with the Beer Judge Certification Program and Brewer’s Association, boasted entries from all over the world in 75 specific style categories. Competition and judging were stringent resulting in categories with medals left unawarded when the threshold of excellence was not attained. Wolf Creek Restaurant and Brewing Co. won a Gold Medal for its Timber Wolf Red Ale in the category of wood and barrel-aged beers, a Gold Medal for its Big Bear Brown Ale in the category of American-style brown ale, and a Bronze Medal for its WolfBier in the category of French-Belgian style saison.

The Wolf Creek Brewing Process

Here at Wolf Creek, brewing is an eight step process that takes between three and four weeks. We use only the finest ingredients and take the utmost care in brewing our fine ales. Here’s how it works...

  • Milling: pale barley malt along with other specialty malts is ground in the malt mill. The grains are transferred though a long tube (the flex auger) into the copper mash tun.
  • Mashing: once in the mash-tun, hot water is added to the grains, creating the "mash". Steam heating allows the brewer to control the temperature of the mash while it mixes, converting the grain to sugars.
  • Sparging: once the desired body is achieved, the brewer rinses, or "sparges" the grain. Now called "wort", the liquid is separated from the grain and transferred into the copper brew kettle.
  • Boiling: the wort is boiled for about 90 minutes, during which time the brewer adds the hops. The boiling sterilizes the wort and causes the hops to release oils which give flavor and aroma to the beer.
  • Cooling: next, a whirpool is created which helps settle any solids to the bottom of the kettle where they can be removed. Now the hopped wort is pumped through the "heat exchanger" which cools the wort from boiling down to about 70 degrees.
  • Fermentation: the cooled, hopped wort is then transferred to a fermentation tank (the ones along the back wall of the brewery). The yeast is then added, which metabolizes the sugar in the wort and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. This takes about 5 days.
  • Aging: once the yeast has consumed most of the sugars, the temperature is lowered, the yeast is removed and then the conditioning, or aging of the beer can begin (a minimum of 2 weeks).
  • Filtering: after the beer has aged it is filtered and transferred to a serving tank (the ones behind the bar). Once it is transferred to the serving vessel, the beer is carbonated to the proper level and is ready to be served directly from the tanks to the tap towers. This is as fresh as it gets. Cheers!!!
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